Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Just Dance!

The kids thought the Wii game Just Dance would be a great family thing to do for FHE (family home evening). Well they were right! It was really fun and I did get my cardio in for the day, which was an added bonus in my book.
We had a great time and we played for most of the night. It was humbling though to be schooled by this kid, my 5 year old. He out scored my dance moves the last three songs we played! I couldn't believe that I was beaten so badly by someone who I thought would have a hard time picking up this game.
Well I am going to practice while the kids are in school today so that I am ready to have a dance off tonight. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Death in the family

We had a death in the family yesterday.
While Jake was at school his new pet Ninja died. Ninja had been in our family for a short time, but he was a good fish. After tears were dried we went and picked out a new Ninja. He is very handsome (pictured here) and quite feisty for a Chinese fighting fish.

We hope for a longer life of Ninja 2.

Friday, January 15, 2010

January blues

Already behind in my blogging...
why am I not surprised.

But I have been busy this week,
I don't know with what exactly.

My wheels seem to be stuck in the mud,
or I just can't find my mojo.

This must be the January blues,
even though I live in sunny Arizona.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here is to 2010

So basically I have been blogging less than half heartedly...

I need to do better if I am going to do this. Cause by nature, I am not a quitter!

So my goal is this, to post at least twice a week. That is my minimum(I hope).

I am going to start out this year by sharing with you my "I am" statement and one word I want to improve on for 2010. My partner gave me this idea (thanks Molly!!) This way I have not failed with my resolutions by the 23rd of this month. These are reminders of what I want to work on for the year.
Be Compassionate

I am reading my scriptures

I am giving Service

I am not a quitter

I am a Cosmetic success story

I am a good wife, mom and friend

Wish me luck!!