Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Going Green

It's official....
We are going green here at the Buntrock house.
And this company is helping us do it.
We are very excited about this.
I will have pictures coming soon
from my cleaning tests.

But until I do
please go
to read a great
review of
just some of the products
we are using.
Oh, and she is doing a giveaway too...
so read and register.

If you want to go green
lets talk.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Drama Queen

Maddie just started 8th grade.
She loves musical theater, it's her thing.
Maddie has always been a drama queen,
but two years ago
we found out the girl can sing as well as act.
So last fall she was cast in
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat
this year she has been cast in Oliver.
It will be a great show.

Break a leg Maddie, we love you!!!

When did this happen?

One week ago, we moved our oldest child into a her new home in downtown Phoenix. It was surreal to say the least.
I don't remember how we went from the little girl that
looked to us for everything
some one who is ready to make her
way in the world.
It seams like yesterday
we brought this little girl home from the hospital.
is our first to do everything, which sadly includes
leaving the nest.

It is great to see her go forward in her life, but
it is a little sad for our house,
as our family is changing.

We are so proud of you
we love you so much !!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Its time.

Its time to get back on track.
Its time to start doing all the little things.
Its time for school to start.
Its time to stop watching Lost for 3 hours a day!!
Its time to give more service.
Its time to start working out again.
Its time to start blogging again.
Honestly, its just time!

Mt. Rushmore in July. Notice the person who took this photo forgot the monument!!
and sorry honey.....your eyes looks shut in all the pictures.