Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nothing but a bear

I can't believe that it has been two months since my last post, my bad. I guess blogging just hasn't been my main focus as of late. It seems like the last two months have gone super fast and super slow are the same time. I know that is impossible, but that is the best way to explain.

Shane has been gone alot, for work and for sheer pleasure (he must have a good wife). I had the task of being a single parent for almost three weeks starting with his trip to Alaska for bear hunting and some fishing and ending with a second trip to Detroit for business. Some of us in the house have said in the past,"When Shane goes hunting, he brings back nothing".
That was what I was hopping for, but here is what I got....
Shane has promised a bear skin rug and not the full body mount.   We have had a standing rule of no animals in the house except domesticated animals of course.  After 20 years of marriage (we had our anniversary o5-27) I gave in, but with strong conditions.  So I am starting to gather ideas for a new bedroom addition or a new addition in front of our fireplace.  If you have ideas please advise.

So I did say that we had an anniversary but we aren't celebrating until later in the summer.  But Shane was gone for it.....Young mens encampment (boys camp).  That led into my second week of single motherhood.  But Jackson had a great time and Shane was in charge of the shooting range (go figure), so he was in heaven.  We girls and Jake got really used to a quiet house but we did come to miss them both.  After a last quickie trip to Detroit, I officially handed the kids over to Shane for 3 hours of AT (alone time).  I asked for two weeks but I took what I could get.

We are now flying thru summer at super sonic speed.  Summer school, musical theater, swim lessons, jump start Jr. High, football practice, baseball hitting practice, weight training and All Star baseball practice and games and EFY.  I am exhausted.  I need to go lay down after I put gas in my car.