Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time flys

I don't know where the time has gone, but since my last post we have survived Toro Football camp, girls camp, back to school shopping and Scout to name a few. Some of these items I listed have been easier than others to have survived.

It has been a long and short summer at the same time, if that is possible. It was short enough that we did not get a summer trip in. Which is the first time in a long time that we stayed home. But was long enough that everyone was ready to get back into school. This is a milestone year for each of us this year at our house.

Haley is a senior this year! We are very excited for her and kinda sad for us. Haley took two classes in summer school, to lessen her hourly load for her Senior year and to add to her GPA. She is a good student and is working hard at her academics even though she already announced to us that she has "senioritis" on the third day. She is busy trying to figure out what she will be doing next year as well as where she will be. It could be Utah, Idaho, California or even right here in Az. She is actively looking for a job for the year and a major for college. We love her and are very proud of her!!

Jackson is 14 and a freshman. Even though he is still in Jr. high (location), the grades count! He is a really good student and he is blossoming as a good athlete as well. Jackson decided to go out for football. His father is so proud and I am not so happy about it. He loves it and has not complained about any of the 6am summer practices, the weight training that followed or Toro Camp, otherwise known as hell week. He is loving seminary in school this year and is growing into a great young man. He is looking forward to an antelope hunt in Az and a pheasant hunt is SD later this fall. We love you!

Maddy is in 7th grade! I can't believe this. She is totally ready to be in Jr. high and has made a smooth transition so far even though some parts have been a little bumpy. Her schedule was totally changed on the 3rd day of school and then was changed back to her original schedule on the 6th day of school. Maddy hasn't even missed a beat and has taken the bobble in stride! We think Maddy might have a future in theater.....she is going to try out for a local musical. Keep your fingers crossed! We love you so much!

Jake started Kindergarten this year!!! He so far he loves it! He loves being the table captain because it means he is the boss of his table for the day. He has assured me that he is nice when he is the boss. I hope that is true! He loves being big like Jackson and the girls by going to school all day. He also is mister independent and wants to walk to and from his class by himself with no help he says, every morning. He is learning so much and is so proud of himself, which is great! Love you!!

Sara is home by herself everyday, now I don't want any of you to feel sorry for me, I will be just fine!! I know that some friends are worried that I will have too much free time and will not know how to best spend it. The kids think that I will be very lonely and will be depressed having so much free time to myself. Shane is worried that I will spend to much money going to lunch everyday with friends or shopping for the kids or the house. I think he would be ok with my spending if I told him I was going to The Bass Pro Shop.
In case there is any confusion, I am good, happy, excited, and ready for this next phase of my life.

Shane is having a much better 2009. In case you don't remember 2008 was a little bumpy for him and us. He has been to Alaska twice so far this year, both without me or the kids. He was bear hunting (got one) for a week and then he went to a funeral, but did get to experience Alaska when it is light at midnight. He also has an antelope hunt with Jackson and a trip to South Dakota on the books for this fall. He is very excited about taking Scout with to bird hunt with him this year. Hope she lives up to expectations! Love you!!

Scout is still very much a puppy in a big body. We are trying to break her before she breaks us. She has been swimming and chasing birds to get ready for pheasant, duck and whatever else they can find to hunt, hunt. We do love her, just not when she is digging in the garbage cans! But you have to admit, she is a cutie-patutie!!

Shane and I are celebrating 20 years of wedded bliss this month. We are doing an Alaska cruise. My first time in the area, his third! It should be a great time out of the heat! More on that later.