Saturday, January 24, 2009

Super Scout, super dress and super fast month

Wow, has this month gone by fast.  I am not sure really why or what I have been doing other than house braking Scout, working on the winter formal check only thing to do is to write a check for everything on the list.  Haley was a hold out until a week ago when she decided to ask someone.  So we went into a dress frenzy to find that "perfect" dress and we hit the jackpot on the second day.  At first glance I thought we would get out of this pretty resonably, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

As for Scout, she, I thought was really close to being house broken this past week, but the last two days have been the worst so far.  I hope I can remain patient and not move her out of the house.  But Jake can't get enough of her.  He is still able to carry her, so to her sometimes dislike, he carries her everywhere.  He sleeps with her, drives her in his truck, plays tug of war with her and just won't give her a minutes peace.  But all the kids love her and want to hold and cuddle with her.

Jackson also had his first experience being in a club baseball tournament.  It was out at Big League Dreams, which is really cool but really expensive, like a real big league game.  Overall, he had a great time though his team lost both games Saturday and didn't advance in the tournament. Sorry the picture is fuzzy, no flash aloud.   He also started his basketball season as well last Saturday and lets just say they got off to a rough start.  I am sure that I will have more highlights later in the season.  
The other major thing going on in our house is all of the talk of Jr. High registration.  Madison can't wait to get into Jr. high and that is all she talks about.  Jackson assures her that it is really no big deal, but nonetheless her enthusiasm is not waining.

Friday, January 16, 2009

construction zone

I thought today would be a great day to revamp my blog, so I started moving, then deleting and then before I knew it, my blog was mostly bare.  So I started looking for replacement parts.  I looked and looked and looked.  And as you can tell I found nothing.  I spent way to much time on this today and my blog is still bare!  So I do appologize for the nakedness but until I find some cute things to add, she is what she is.  So if any of you readers have any cute fixin's for my blog please advise.

Monday, January 5, 2009

What a year old and new

I have been contemplating the year past and thinking of what lies ahead for 2009.  I really do wish I had a crystal ball for this year to come, but I am content to look ahead and not look back.  Not going to lie, 2008 was a hard year, at best.  With Shane's accident, my mom's health issues, family issues and business issues, I guess one could say that I have plenty of issues!!   So the best advice I have given myself is to take one issue at a time and not to stress over the many things that I have no control over.   Let's see if I take my own advice...
 I do know that I would  have had the strength to deal with all that stuff without a few people....My Savior, my family, my friends, my faith, and my ward family.  Thank you one and all, you make me a better person!  Our family motto for this coming year is "It will be fine in 2009" and I truly hope that our trials will be a little less this year.

 We continued our New Years Day tradition of a crab leg feast.  This is the third year that we have done this and I have to say this was the most fun yet.  We decided  to carry on the tradition another year and to add personalized bibs and a mallet for all that dine.   The food was tremendous and let's just say there was lots of it. 
 can't believe that we ate 14 lbs of wasn't just me, but there were 13 others.  
 to top the night off , Jackson and cousins even did the dishes.  I am truly loved!!!   

But I would have to say that for the kids the most exciting part of the new year was being able to pick up our newest family member.  Scout came home Jan. 3rd and 
 just say that the kids have been home more than I expected.  She is a German Shorthair Pointer and is 7 weeks old.  Scout is actually a Christmas gift for Shane.  We thought with the year he had, there was no need to continue putting it off for the right time.  We thought the right time was now.... although, I have forgotten the sleepless nights and potty training.  She will be a great addition to our family and will be a great hunting companion for Shane, Jackson and someday Jake.
And lets face it, the photo ops will be great.  So we have joined the ranks of being an owner of dogs not a dog.  So hopefully Jenna will play nice with Scout.  But Jake says, "she is the cutest darn thing, even though she bites sometimes".