Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas to all...a few days late

Do you hear what I hear?  The quiet after Christmas sounds....content children!  It feels so good to have nothing to check off my to do list today.  I get to just enjoy having the kids home and a good movie with holiday left overs!  Woohoo!!  

Since my last post we have celebrated two birthdays, a surprise visitor and Christmas.  Haley had her 17th birthday on Dec. 18th. Wow, it is hard to believe that our little girl is almost grown and thinking about college.   We had a family dinner with some of the cousins but all of my siblings, spouses and my dad.  It was really fun and the food was great!  But most importantly we got a recent photo of the five siblings together for us but also to give to my mom.  My brother Dave (second from r) came from South Dakota as a surprise Christmas gift to my parents.  We had a really fun 52 hours together. 
I had my birthday a couple of days after Haley's.  Of course I am not 17, but non the less I had a great day.  I opened my presents with my kids present and giddy and much to my surprise, Shane and the kids got me my very own computer.  I have been a very good girl!  I no longer have to log off of their stuff to get to mine, or have my pictures on three different computers, or have to wait for them to finish up their stuff.  I feel as though I am a grown up now.  I love my new mac book!

Christmas eve we spent with Shane's aunt and uncle and cousins in Scottsdale and had a really nice night that included a visit from Santa, who had gifts for the kids.  We got this cute little photo opp with Santa and Bolt.  Then we came home and got ready for Santa to come to our house... Jake sprinkled reindeer food in the front yard for the sleigh pullers and then of course he left three cookies on Santa's plate.  Everything he did must have worked because every child was very happy with their Christmas!     
  We are incredibly blessed this Christmas to have our health, to know the real reason for the season, and to have our family here, together.   I am eternally grateful to my Father in Heaven and to my Savior, Jesus Christ, for the countless blessings in my life.

Talking about blessings, that brings to mind one of Jake's gifts..... an Ipod shuffle (thanks gpa Mannes).  Since he opened up this gift and had "His" music downloaded, which includes all of 7 songs.  We find him asleep with his music still playing.  Grandpa, I can't thank you enough!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tablecloth of thanks

The kids and I had a very nice Thanksgiving with our family and friends. In all there were 19 of us eating dinner. The meal was fantastic and so was the company.
Nine years ago when we had our first Thanksgiving in Az., two of my cousins and their spouses came to our home from out of state for Thanksgiving. We had so much fun with them and started our longest running tradition....we wanted all who had dinner with us to sign their name and mention something that they were grateful for that year. We used the same cloth every year until this year. I am not sure if it was by accident or coincidence that this year we needed a new tablecloth, due to the old one being full. Our new cloth has many of the same things that we were and are grateful for but family and Dad(Shane) were especially high on the list. It was sad not having Shane with us for the holiday but, I found myself thinking how blessed we are that we still have him with us. Even my mom was with us and signed the cloth as she has done before. We welcomed new friends to this tradition and the rest(including kids)remembered with laughter some of the signings of the past nine years. We spent most of the meal laughing.

Speaking of Shane, he was living one of his dreams by looking for the biggest set of elk antlers he could find in northeastern Az. He has patiently(somewhat)waited to be drawn for a super elk hunt and as luck would have it, he gets drawn this year. So we all encouraged him to go and bring us back an elk. But by looking at the picture to your left, nature is huge and I think the elk have a really big advantage! So after hunting for 3 days then a trip to D.C. for a 15 minute oral argument then 2 more days of hunting and very little sleep. I am sad to report that Shane's dream will continue, no elk was taken on this hunt.
So now I am starting to panic about this.....

Monday, November 24, 2008

breaking the block

I guess that I hit my first bout of bloggers block. It could be that nothing has happened to write about or that the steam has run out of my blogger or that I have been so busy that I haven't taken the time to read my email let alone blog. Honestly, it is the third option! Some of you might think that I still am having some post election blues, but I have moved on.
So what is happening at the house of Buntrock? Well Shane is leaving this Wednesday to elk hunt. Yes, you read that right. The man survives a plane crash, 3rd degree burns on his lower half of his body and 60 days in the hospital and yet he still wants to do a once in a lifetime elk hunt 7 months after this accident. We all are a little nervous about him going on a hunting trip but the one item that gives us some comfort is that he is not flying!! So he will be gone for his birthday and Thanksgiving(same day). Then he leaves for Washington D.C. on Monday to get home Wednesday.
I was in S. California last week for some What's your Virtue? business. We even ate lunch at the Bright Spot Cafe and saw Mark Ruffalo eating lunch. He was in 13 going on 30. It was a very positive trip and I will write more on this later.
Then last Friday morning, Madison, Haley, myself and two of Maddy's friends skipped school and went to see Twilight. I didn't love the two books that I read in the series, but I did really enjoy the movie. I would have to say that maybe my neck might belong to Edward.....

Friday, November 7, 2008

moving forward....

Ok, I am not going to lie. I was disappointed by the outcome of the Presidential campaign. It has taken me a couple of days to gather my thoughts about the changes coming to our country. It was a truly historic moment in time to have the first African American voted into office, but I wish I agreed with more of his policies. I am an American and I will give him the chance to be President. So for now, the only things I can do are 1. pray for him 2. pray for my country 3. pray for peace. It seems as though I will be very busy praying, but I will not have fear moving forward (just less money...).

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fhe, cookies & trick or treating

I will apologize for the lengthy post that follows....Last Monday night the sister missionaries came over with an investigator and her daughter for Family Home Evening (FHE). Jessie gave a great lesson on Service and then we moved into the kitchen and decorated some of the best looking cookies and then delivered them around the neighborhood..

door bell ditching cookie deliveries (the kids favorite part). Above is Sister T.(hard name to say), Jessie, Shannon, Sister Harper, me and Haley. We all had our inner decorator come to the surface, some more than others, but all in all we had a great time. Thanks to the sisters for the opportunity to have a great family in our home!

Wednesday night Maddy and I had a mother daughter Halloween dinner, in costume no less. It was really fun and dinner was really good! Thanks to Ruth for all of her hard work with the achievement day girls. There will be a photo posted when I have it. But here was my cute mime, without all of her makeup(easier to eat dinner with). But I have to say that her costume idea was super cute and she pulled it off as only Maddy could. She even stayed in character all night while trick or treating, she did not speak a single word! Jake had a great time and he would say that trick or treating is his favorite holiday. He had a party at school on Thursday, that included super cute parade(see below).

But I loved the bat man pose that Jake made every time I took a picture. He loved everything about his costume and about being bat man for one night. He has already started talking about his costume for next year. It was a successful Halloween all around.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween party pictures

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one of those weeks.....

I don't know where the week has gone. I havn't been able to find time to blog at all and frankly I am starting to have signs of withdrawl.....anxiousness, frustration and craving chocolate bite size candy bars. Oh, wait that could just be the signs of having to come up with halloween costumes for my kids in the 11th hour. But in all seriousness Maddy and I have a mother daughter dinner tonight that I have been running all over town for today, and we will be in costume. So I will post pictures of us later.
But onto older but still important Buntrock news. First, I need to take a moment for my two hunters that hunted so hard but still came up empty handed in Jackson's elk hunt. After 4 full hunting days and lots of hiking with no elk in site they came home and decided to call if quits. They will try again next year and Shane is still looking forward to his in late November. But isn't Jackson cute in camo?

Shane and I went to an Adult only Halloween Party that was hosted by Molly & Tim Decrow and Cami & Tyler Wright. It was a ton of fun!! All of the couples were in costume and they were funny and really good. Of course I would have to say that the McCain/Palin team won the political division hands down, though there were two other couples as the Presidential hoefulls I was the only one who used a wig. So that should be worth something.....Thanks to the hosts for all of their work for a spooktacular evening!! I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Happy Haunting

Monday, October 20, 2008

PR finale and elk

So we got everything put away from our Mexico trip and slowly started getting into our real lives now that our vacation was over. We had the usual school day routine Monday, tennis after school, FHE that night and moved on to Tuesday. Tuesday was much like Monday, in fact I really can't remember much of what happened on Tuesday(early Alzheimer's I'm sure). So Wednesday came and I started getting that feeling of looking forward to something.....Its the Project Runway Season 5 finale!!! I get that some of you may think of me differently now , but before you really pass judgment on me, know that this is the only real thing I watch on TV. Sad isn't it.
But it was fun watching it with some of the other Runway junkies that I know. We all were rooting for Kenley to get beat(she did) and after that we pretty much didn't care who won. The food and conversation was the real winner....thanks ladies!

Shane and Jackson left last Thursday morning to go hunt one of these, except with no horns. The hunters started hunting Friday am and saw nothing that even looked like an elk until they closed camp Sat. evening. But my hunters are not quitters, they went back out to hunt today and tomorrow. We at home base are keeping our fingers crossed that Jackson gets his elk and that I can find a home for all of the meat! But nonetheless, we are hoping that they have a great hunt and got to spend some real quality time together in the woods.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Puerto Penasco

Rocky Point was a great time!! I have been luke warm on the whole Mexico thing up to this point. Shane had been the one pushing this relationship on me. But, I have to say that I am having a change of heart for this place. We had some problems with our solar power and had electricity about half of the time. I will admit that I was not super happy about that at the time, but I find myself looking for another weekend to go back. And I am even thinking if I would drive down by myself for a weekend maybe with with some friends or with my kids. So I would have to say that I am officially hooked on Mexico....well Rocky Point that is.

One thing that made the trip so fun was traveling with my sister Amy and with Jessie. I hope they had as much fun with us as we had with them. I am sure that it will be a trip that they won't forget soon, but they did say that they would come back even without electricity.

Some highlights of the trip were... seeing a whale bone wash up on shore.....watching the Office(season 1&2) for the first time.....seeing amazing waves at the beach......and just having a great time with people that I love the most!

I thought I would save you from a dreadful amount of photos that some of you may not want to see of our trip, so my good friend Jessie showed me how to do this cool slide show.....thanks Jessie!! So enjoy the show

Monday, October 6, 2008

What a weekend

It was a busy weekend at our house with everything from a double header baseball game, General Conference, Shane's date night with Maddy, and the usual laundry, housecleaning and errands.

But truthfully, it was all about Haley and Homecoming. Saturday after the baseball games we ran to get the finishing touches for the dress. We just happened to get to the MAC counter at the right time and got an opening to get her make-up done.....whew!! Which made the rest of the afternoon not so stressful for all involved. But I think everything turned out beautifully! And most importantly Haley loved her dress, shoes, custom made headband(thanks Becky!), her corsage, her makeup, her pedicure and everything else that went into this day that I might have missed. We did get some great photo ops.... like with Dad, and with grandpa and grandma, but the photo of the night

was with Haley and her date Tate Webster. Tate used to live down the street from us until about two years ago when they moved. We have known Tate and his family for years, so it was really fun to see how they have grown up and are still friends. Haley said they had a really fun night from start to finish.

They are so cute!

Monday, September 29, 2008


We are on the final push for Homecoming, the dance is this Saturday. We have the dress, shoe and extensions(which Haley said is a must for every girl), but we still have to nail down a hair design, jewelry and of course nails and make-up. I hope that we can buy groceries when this is all done(just kidding). I told Shane to look on the bright side....we get to do this again in just 2 1/2 months for winter formal. For those of my friends with girls....start saving now!
All kidding aside, Haley, Jake and I met my mom, dad and Amy at the mall. It was great to have my mom out for the day, she had a great time! We did find shoes and they were a great deal. Shane and Jackson met some hunting buddies and went shooting to get ready for elk season and Maddy was babysitting. Then I met Shane at Jackson's baseball game, which they came from behind and won at their last at bat. Way to go boys!!!
`Then I went to Womens Conference(church broadcast, sorry I don't know how to link that up yet) with some friends. The broadcast was great.
Afterwards, I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie Nielson's mom, two sisters and a cousin. For those of you who don't recognize the name, Stephanie and her husband Christian were in a plane crash August 16th of this year. You might imagine how close to home this was for our family to hear of this accident. We have followed their progress by blog. I visited with them for a few minutes and we agreed to visit Sunday after church and they would have the chance to visit with Shane. I hope it was helpful to them to see someone who survived and is at home getting back into life. Our hearts go out to both families. We pray for them and think of their struggles often but they are a strong family and strongly planted in the gospel. They are a great example to me.

Friday, September 19, 2008

my mom

It is amazing to me how things have changed in such a short amount of time ( 1 year). Last summer we went to the 1st ever Gibby (mother's side) reunion in Park City. All but 4 family members where able to make it. We had a great time and we even got a pretty good family photo out of it.

It is sad to me how quickly my mother has changed since this photo was taken. But the one thing that hasn't changed is how much I love and admire her. I am so grateful for her and all she has done for me and my family.

I don't think that she ever thought she had done anything wonderful or super special, but I know that because of her never giving up her beliefs most of her posterity is active in the church(LDS). It was not easy taking 5 kids to church every Sunday by herself. Or teaching early morning Seminary to just one child because she wanted to make sure that the one got some of the blessings from seminary. But she did it without complaint, that was my mom.

I have reflected much these past few months since Shane's accident, her hip surgery and having to place her in a care home. I keep coming back to the same feeling of, I don't know how I would have survived the crash and everything since without the gospel in my life. Because of her sacrifices, I know that my Savior knows and loves me, that my family can be an eternal family and that we need to have faith and not be afraid to use it. But most importantly, I know that prayers are heard and answered.

I have been so blessed by my mom.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cloudy Day!

I love these kind of days in AZ. I thought what a great day to do laundry, clean the house, steam my floors and the like. Then the sun came out and took away all of my cloudy day dreams as it was too hot for major house I decided to get caught up on my blog.
Some of you might notice my newest addition on the side of my blog(c me read c jane). A husband and wife in our area were in a small plane crash in mid August. This has been too close to home as you might imagine. Our prayers are with the entire family as they heal in every direction! If you would like to see what an impact one person can have in the world, I invite you to read up on this amazing woman and family.
Here is my winning hand in Texas Hold'em. I wish I could explain why I won. What I can tell you is that literally I was down to my last mint when I won the kitty. Dave, Bruce, Carrie, Sam, Amy, Shane and I played for mints instead of money, so that everyone would be on their best behavior, with no cheating and good feelings at the end. Other than a few people who ate their neighbors betting mints, we had a great time.
Dave & Co. (Lisa, Spencer and Ryan) came for Labor Day weekend to see my mom and dad. It just was luck or bad timing that she fell and fractured her hip and needed surgery the same time as they were here. They did get to spend some quality time with both of them. I was reflecting over that weekend how, I had started the summer with Shane in rehab and finished the summer with my mom in rehab. Needless to say it has been quite a year so far. I am looking forward to 2009!
We have added a new addition to our house.......
Jessie Merrill has moved in with us and will be with us till the end of the year or so. The kids are thrilled to have her back in the house and she is a joy to have around. We love her and feel honored that she would want to live in the zoo, we call home.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Greetings from Hawaii

Shane's sister Heather came and visited this past week. She arrived with some of our favorite treats from the island....we love her!! She was so excited to see Shane without all of the hospital parifanalia going every which way, since the last time she saw him was 4-23-08. Heather was only here for five days but we found the time to get the really important things in, like eating out and shopping! We did even get to cousin Heidi's house for cake and ice cream since Isabelle turned 1yr. old. Most of Heidi's family was there so it was a really nice visit with extended family.
Our week was going relatively smooth until ex rays of my mom's hip came back positive with a hip fracture, meaning surgery. So Monday evening we were at the hospital waiting for a room. Followed by Tuesday waiting for her surgery which happened at about 7pm. Wednesday was spent in the hospital spending time visiting with Grammy, as Jake calls her and with Dave (my brother), Lisa, Spencer and Ryan....the two cousins from SD. Today, we found a great rehab hospital for her to recuperate in. I am ready to spend some time outside of Hospitals!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

oops... forgot the pictures

Top is Haley then Jake
Bottom is Jackson and Maddy, all on the first day of school 8-11-08

A new school year begins....

One of my favorite commercials a few years ago was "It's the most wonderful time, of the year." I think it was done by Staples, but it could have been Wal-mart. This was not at Christmas time but at the beginning of school. Now, don't get me wrong, I love my kids and I really enjoy the summer with them home but I was ready for all of us to get into a schedule again. Life has been a bit bumpy for awhile so getting a little more scheduled will feel good, I hope.
It is hard to believe that Haley is a junior in high school, Jackson is in 8th grade, Madison is in 6th grade and Jake is in real pre-school this year. No more play school for him. Although, Jake is feeling a bit slighted because his school doesn't start until after Labor Day. No major malfunctions were reported for the first day, but we started another list of what is needed for the year. Haley was a Toro Link Leader on the first day which meant that she got to help students find their way to classes if they were lost. Jackson was able to find all of his classes, no worries, he assured us, and he knows everybody in the 8th grade! Maddy was supposed to be on live TV to give morning announcements for tech club at school, but they were not quite ready on Monday. So all in all life is good and we are so blessed!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A trip to the beach

We thought a change of scenery might be a good thing, so with a little bit of planning and a lot of luck we went to San Diego the last week of July. We planned a couple of days at the beach, some school shopping and a day at Sea World. It was great to be at the beach. The waves were great for boogie boarding, body surfing and wave jumping but it was overcast and windy, so it was a bit chilly for us Arizoner's. But we stayed most of the day and had so much fun that we went back for a second day. It was equally as fun but the kids said that it wasn't Mexico. I think all of the advertising Shane has put out there for Rocky Point is starting to stick with the kids....way to go Shane. But one thing I know for sure is that our kids love the beach no matter where it is.
While we were there Jake met some new friends... Slimy, Sasquach, and Little Foot(left to right). He played with his snail friends all afternoon and drug them all over the yard. He was sad that we couldn't bring them home but he loves this picture of them. There was lots of swimming. Night swimming, day swimming, swimming in just the hot tub and of course swimming at the beach. I think we should be good until fall break!
Sunday we went to church in Del Mar and then we spent some time on the San Diego Temple grounds. We all agreed that it was a beautiful place to send some time together. The last leg of our trip was a day with Shamu. As you can imagine some were more excited about this day than others. But when the day was done, all had a great day. Jake by far was the most excited about everything, but really liked being down in Shamu's house. But we were all a little disappointed in not getting soaked in the soak zone at the whale show. Although, no one smelled like a fish during the ride home. -sara

Life started again...

It is somewhat hard to believe that it has been 6 weeks since Shane came home from the hospital. Time has gone by pretty fast most days. The daily care for his legs has gone down to about an hour, which is good news for all involved. He continues to improve. Not as quickly as he/we would like but we are grateful for his progress and we continue to give thanks for all of our miracles.
I have kinda enjoyed the whole blog thing, so with many words of encouragement, from many others, I am going to change our update blog to a family what's going on blog. I hope you enjoy.


Friday, June 20, 2008

Finally . . . an Outpatient

I was able to come home on Saturday the 14th after 58 days and nights in a hospital bed. I am home for good and made my goal to be home by Father's Day. Saturday, I watched Madison sing with MCC's musical theater group. She was wonderful. I was able to attend church with my family for Father's Day then we barbecued later that day. My kids said that this was their favorite Father's Day that they could remember. Mine too. It feels great to be home and to have all of us together. It has been a long road with many blessings along the way.

It has been a busy week with with many adjustments and I have a long recovery ahead. However,I truly enjoy sleeping in my own bed. I forgot how soft it was. I am adjusting to physical therapy as an outpatient. The kids are doing great. Jake is glad his Dad is home but asks when I have to go back to the hospital. Sara is doing great as my "charge nurse." I wold not be where I am without her and have been amazed by her strength.

I would like to thank all of you who have brought meals in, sent cards, visited, prayed and fasted for us. The outpouring of love for my family has been overwhelming and humbling. I have enjoyed hearing from so many of you and look forward to seeing you again.

Signing off...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

"There's no place like home"

Dorothy said it best.

This Thursday I was able to convince my doc (she is a pushover) of my need for another outing. I had dinner at home with my family. It was wonderful. Sara made one of my favorites, shrimp linguine. Madison has taken on the role of gardener this year and I had some garden ripened tomatoes too. They were delicious. Jessie's fabulous cinnamon and caramel rolls were dessert. I went to Jackson's baseball game that night. It was fun to watch them play and see family and friends. The boys did not play their best and finished second. They had a good season though.

Life in rehab has its ups and downs. I am grateful to go home in less than 2 weeks. I see people here in rehab that have been here 5 months. I could not do that. On a high note I am able to walk with a stick (some call it a cane) and was able to pedal an exercise bike. The stiffness and pain in my right knee had prevented this until Thursday.

I can't wait to be home. After my visit home Jake told Sara the next day that "I want Dad to live with us again." Those things make it easy to work hard in recovery.

Thanks for all your prayers, visits and comments on the blog.

More later


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Field Trip

Yesterday was a banner day. I was able to leave the hospital on a "pass". I ate dinner at home with my family. It felt good to be home even for an hour or two. I went to Jackson's baseball game at Gene Autry Field. We had a family and friend gathering at the field. Sara's brother, sisters, nieces, nephews and parents came to the game. It was awesome. It was great to see and smell the baseball field. Jackson's team won and the boys gave me a game ball signed by all of them. It was great to watch them play and see family and friends. I slept great last night. I made sure the docs knew that.

Jackson's team plays Thursday for the championship and I already got the green light to go. The doctors set a discharge date for June 18. It is three days past my goal of being home by Father's Day weekend but I will take it.

More later


Sunday, June 1, 2008

A note from Suite 102

Sorry for the delay from the last post. Time flies when your havin' fun in Rehab. Overall I am improving every day. Our goal is to be home by Father's Day weekend. My doctors did not agree or disagree with the date. They did say last week that it may be another 3-4 weeks. It will depend on how fast my legs heal and getting me more mobile. My legs look good but there are still a few open spots the grafts did not cover. The docs say that the open spots will fill in with my own skin. I feel stronger and am able to walk fairly well with a walker. My feet and calf muscles are still swollen and the docs changed my leg dressings to help alleviate the swelling. So far the swelling has not changed much. I am going to see if I can get a pass tomorrow to go to Jackson's baseball game. We will see. I look forward to being home soon. Thanks for all your visits, posts on the blog and prayers.

More later


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Power of Cake

Yesterday, May 27, Sara and I celebrated our 19th anniversary. We had a steak dinner in my room and I baked a german chocolate cake earlier in the day. It was part of my therapy as I had to stand in the kitchen to mix it up, frost it and do the dishes. Sara and the kids said it was very good and they were impressed that Dad actually baked a cake.

Yesterday they hauled me back to Maricopa County Hospital for a "check up" on my burns. I was not very excited to return to "county." Although the burn center and surgeons are some of the best in the country the wound care at Health South is wonderful. The good news is that the folks at county agreed that my burns are healing very nicely and were happy with what they saw.

I am working hard in physical therapy and have three hours every day. Thanks for all your visits, kind words and prayers. They are a great support. More Later . . .


Monday, May 26, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Today was a good day. I got back into my therapy routine after three days off. I had three hours of physical therapy today, I did lots of stretching and walking. Tomorrow I go back to county hospital for a check up with my burn doctors, I am not looking forward to going back, but this is part of the process. They need to evaluate my wounds. Thanks for the continued prayers and support. More later....


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our family together

Jake's birthday was yesterday, and he turned 4! We had cake and opened some gifts, thanks to B&H&R for all of the birthday fun. We took a quick minute to snap a shot of all of us together, and I have so say, we look pretty good. Shane's surgery went well and he started a new round of blood thinners to break up the clots, so we will see how they work. He is hoping that therapy will re-start on Monday without any other delays.

His legs have improved so much over the past 10 days, they are nothing short of a miracle. Thank you, for the prayers for Shane, and our family!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

35 days out

Today started out like any other day, breakfast, bandage change and therapy. About half way into therapy I had to have an ultra sound to check for blood clots in my legs. Unfortunately, I have at least one in each leg. My doctor is putting me on a higher dose of blood thinner. My doctor is also going to a have a vein filter inserted tomorrow afternoon. This will stop any clot that may move from entering my lungs. I am also getting a blood transfusion tonight to help with my anemia. It feels like I am taking two steps backwards today. However, it is good that they found the clot. I will be back in the normal routine in a day or two.

Thanks for your prayers and kind words



Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday May, 21st

Great to hear from all of you. I enjoy your thoughts and kind words. Today was a busy day. They took all my staples out of my legs today. I think the graft stapler at Maricopa was trigger happy. I was able to walk 500+ feet today with the assistance of a walker. My sweet wife brought me Tia Rosa's for dinner. The salmon taco and chips and salsa tasted great. Sara also took me out for a nice walk tonight. I enjoyed the fresh air and the cool breeze.

I had some nice visits today. It is a blessing to be at this rehab hospital.

More later



Monday, May 19, 2008

Power of a shower

I was able to take a real shower for the first time in 31 days. Yeah! I got a hair cut today as, well. Thanks J & K. Overall I am feeling pretty good today. I was able to do 2 hours of rehab today, which included walking, leg stretching and the arm cycle. My strength and endurance is improving every day. The doctors looked at my wounds today and described the improvements as miraculous. I still have a long road ahead but am getting better every day. Thank you for your continued prayers, thoughts and support for my family and me. Prayers are being answered.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday May 17th

Shane is sleeping, so unfortunately you have me writing the post tonight. He had a pretty productive day for a Saturday in rehab. Saturdays are a slower day for the therapists, but Shane did get a solid hour of walking, stretching and upper body strengthening. His wounds look pretty good and seem to be improving each day. He gets the day off tomorrow, so maybe I can get him to write the post.

Friday, May 16, 2008

News From Rehab

Today was a good day, I officially started rehab. I worked on walking, stretching and increasing my strength. Although, rehab will be a challenge, I am looking forward to participating in my recovery. My challenge will be my patience and taking it one day at a time.

Jake and Haley visited tonight and they brought a lot of energy into my room. It was great to see them and give them hugs and kisses. I enjoyed reading all of the cards and blog comments from so many of you. The outpouring has been humbling. I thank everyone for all of the prayers, love and support shown to me and my family. I have felt your prayers. I miss you all and can't wait to be home.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday May 14th

We started a new chapter in our get well book today, Shane left the Maricopa burn center and moved into a rehabilitation center. He will have lots of occupational and physical therapy (about 3 hours a day) and other types of recuperating therapy as well. The new facility is clean, quiet and the food is actually able to be eaten. These are all good things in recovering, right? Well, Jake got to finally see his dad for the first time in 27 days!! It was really sweet to see Jake's eyes light up when he got to see him. He was a bit shy about getting up on the bed to sit by him, but he did give Shane a big hug before he left. Shane has a long road ahead of him, with some peaks and valleys I am sure, but I hope that even after this accident, we will remember to appreciate the small things in a day that really bring us joy. We are so blessed!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday, May 12

Shane passed his swallow test today!! No more tube feedings and taking medicine the easy way, now he has to take it like the rest of us. It was sooo nice to see his whole face without tubes dividing it up. I took his picture today so Jake could see his dad, and was he so happy to see him, but he did feel bad when he saw dad's big band aides on his legs. Tomorrow, he should be getting back up on his legs after the past 5 days off, due to surgery. His grafts continue to look good and he is ready to get to work, in the therapy room. Thank you to all of you who read and post comments, I know that Shane will appreciate all of the words of inspiration left by so many of you and I have to say that your comments have helped me each day, especially when its been a hard day. So to all of you I say, "Thank you and I love you".

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Super Saturday, May 10th

Today was a great day....Shane's voice is strong and he sounds like himself again. His sense of humor is back as well. The skin grafts will be looked at tomorrow, so we will find out if the second graft will be as successful as the first. Madison got to spend two hours with Shane today and tell him about her elp field trip to San Diego this past few days. She really enjoyed her time with her dad today and noticed how fast the time went. I hope that Shane may feel the same in how fast the time will fly by in the hospital, yeah right!

Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9th, 1st day post op#2

Today was a really good day for Shane. He looked really good and sounded just as good. His voice has gotten noticeably stronger and he really is more himself today than I have seen so far. They grafted an area of about 10%, maybe a bit less, but that was the 2% left from the previous surgery and then the rest was grafting that didn't take from the 1st surgery. So we will pray that this will be his last surgery. I think that changing his pain medication was a big help to facilitate really seeing and visiting with him today. He is more at ease and is not anxious about his current situation. If the grafting looks good, it is possible that Shane will be moved to a rehabilitation center by the end of next week. We will know more by Tuesday. Today was a blessing to see and hear him look and sound better. Thank you for all of the prayers in Shane's behalf!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The end of week #3

Shane stood up today with the help of a walker and a couple of extra pairs of hands, but none the less it was great to see him standing. I was and am very proud of him!! He has his second skin graft surgery in the morning, they are going to graft around 10%, I hope. Thank you for all of the strength, prayers, and love all of you have shown. I have needed it more than you know.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 6th

Sara is asleep on the couch, so i will pitch in for her. Today was another tired day for Shane, but he was able to sit up in a chair for a while. He will have his 2nd skin graft surgery this week to finish the rest of the skin grafting. All of your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated by Sara and her family, and if you would like to pray for something specific, pray that Shane's throat will heal quickly so he can get the feeding tube out so he will be able to eat and regain his strength.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

We were hoping to celebrate with tacos, burritos and chips and salsa today, but Shane is still having trouble with his much stuff getting into his lungs and lots of coughing. So we will have to wait for a third throat study and a better outcome. Otherwise, he looks better and his voice is growing stronger everyday. His 2nd grafting surgery is tentatively set for Thursday. But that decision will be made for sure Wed. afternoon. He did sit in a chair for about 45 minutes and was super tired when he was done.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

May 4th

The kids had a great visit with their dad today. When we got there, he was sitting up in a chair waiting for us. The kids were able to see him look pretty normal and more importantly give him a hug and kiss on the cheek. Life almost seemed normal with all of us in one room. Jake should get the chance to see his dad maybe by Wed. or Thur, he is hoping for Wednesday of course. Shane enjoyed the visit today, but he is very tired. But, all in all today is a good day

Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 3rd

Today was a day of lots and lots of coughing. Which is good for Shane's lungs, but he was really tired of coughing! His voice is getting stronger every day and he is turning into a really good conversationalist. Tomorrow will be the first time the kids(except Jake) have seen him in about 10 days, and they are very excited. We are so blessed, thank you for the prayers!

Friday, May 2, 2008

May 2nd

I got to see Shane sit on the side of the bed and dangle his feet today!!! But the best part of my day was getting a hug from him! It was great to see him upright. He is still having a bit of an issue with swallowing....his throat muscles don't want to work as good as they should yet. Shane is really tired and not able to sleep so he got an Ambian tonight....lucky duck!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

two weeks ago today or day 14

Shane got to see more than his room today. He got into a chair and was taken over to ex ray, he was very happy to look at something other than his room, and he got to get out of bed. He is sooooo tired today from all of the new activity. I think he is ready for a steak dinner, but his doctor says he needs another day or two to rest his throat. On a funny note, two of Shane's nurses asked if he was a litigator? I replied with a yes and they laughed. They told me that he was trying to argue his case with them as to why he should be let out of bed. Of course he did not win that motion, but I think he has agreed to be a good patient. It is hard to believe that the crash happened two weeks ago today, we still have such a long road ahead, but he has come so far in a pretty short time. But, I still have to think about this one day at a time. Thank you for your constant prayers and thoughts for Shane and our family.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday's post week #2

Shane got to dangle his feet over the bed today and I was told he did great. They do these great feats before visiting hours....bummer! But he is trying to get up and out of bed a little sooner than the nurses are ready for. He is still very groggy and some of his facts are a tad bit off, but he really is doing pretty well, we hope that he will be done with the grogginess within a week. He also started another infection today, but its source of origin has not been determined yet. So another penicillin was started. I told Shane that Arizona was getting two more temples and he said, "The work just keeps rolling forward, doesn't it?" And my reply was yes it does, I was not surprised by his answer, just how matter of fact he was. I hope for more clarity every day.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Terrific tuesday post, week #2

Shane cleared some major hurdles today.... first, he was ext abated or the tube was removed from his throat, he sat up in bed and he remembered the names of his four kids. The first thing he asked for was a Diet Pepsi, which for those of you who really know him, is not a big surprise. He is still pretty sedated for the pain, but he is site for soar eyes!!!! His grafts are still good and his lungs are crystal clear today. He is still fighting a couple of infections, but will hopefully these will subside by the weekend.
I am so humbled by the love our Savior shows us in our times of need and for the love that has been shown to us by so many of you.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday's update week #2

Today is post op day 5 and I feel like I actually got good news from the Doctors today. Shane's skin grafts look great, although, there is a small patch on his left leg that will have to be re-grafted with the 2% that didn't get done in the first surgery. They haven't scheduled that surgery as of yet, I would think that it will be next week. He is still on the ventilator, it appears that his lungs were not quite as good as they had originally thought,but we are hoping that the vent will be out by the end of the week. They did drop his pain meds today so that he will be awake more so when the vent comes out he will be able to get up and start walking. We have really be overwhelmed by the love and concern by so many that love Shane and our family. I would still ask for your patience when it comes to visiting. I will let you know when he is ready for visitors. But the thoughts and prayers from all of you are so appreciated. Thank you for the support!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday 's update week #2

Infection is the name of the post today. Shane is sporting some infection in his lungs and on some spots on his legs. They started antibiotics today, so I hope that tomorrow is better than today! He is still on the vent and I would have to say, there is no plan for getting him off. His lungs need to clear first. I would be lying if I wasn't disappointed, but we need to focus on the blessings not the bumps. Thank you for all of the the prayers for Shane and for our family.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Sara is sleeping, so I am pinch hitting for her. Shane is doing great. He may have the start of an infection in his lungs. We will know for sure tomorrow. He has been sleeping all day, better to mend his body. He is basically breathing on his own, so hopefully by Monday he will be off of the ventilator. Tomorrow we will find out how the first skin graft went. We will be praying hard for a successful graft. Thank you all again for keeping them in your thoughts and prayers. The Lord has definitely been blessing their family.


Start of week #2

Today was a sleepy day for Shane. With all of his pain meds, he is feeling no pain!! He has been completely out since yesterday afternoon. They say that the skin grafting recovery is worse than the actual leg burns themselves. So the doctors are being very liberal with the pain medication. Thank you for modern medicine.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday's post

We got another blessing delivered today...the doctors were able to graph both legs with an exception of 2%(about the size of his hands) today! We were only expecting to have the left leg done, so this is great news. The vent tube is still driving him crazy and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will come out by the weekend. He looked very comfortable and peaceful today, so maybe he knows that he just got over one of his many hurtles. Thanks again for all of your help and support.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday's post

Well you know how you win some and lose some....well the surgery that was scheduled for today was moved to tomorrow. So we are sad for the delay in getting started with the graphs, but he needed an extra day to rest and gain his strength. He is growing more impatient about the vent tube and really wants to pull it out, so I have told him 2 more days and then it can come out, I hope I can deliver that, with the doctors help of course. Pray for a good skin graph outcome and that he will be off the vent by the weekend. Also, on a somewhat sad note....Shane has too many friends that love him and want to see him. I ask that you wait to see him until he is out of intensive care. I will let all of you know when he is ready for visitors. Thanks for your patience!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday 's update

Shane had an MRI today, in hopes of getting his neck brace off, we will find out tomorrow if that really will happen. Tomorrow is another surgery day, but the first of his skin grafting surgeries. I believe that his right leg will be done first. He is really tired but is also trying hard to communicate by writing and using his hands.. We are still hoping for the vent tube to be removed this week....maybe Thursday, keep your fingers crossed! The kids and I are doing good, we miss him at home, but are greatful that he is still with us. We are greatful to our Heavenly Father for our many blessings!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday's post

Today was a continuing to look better day and the new ventilator is whisper quiet, so it seems that Shane is truly getting some good recovery rest. He also was not so medicated today, so we got some thumbs up and a bit more interaction from him. He also passed his cognitive tests as well. He is doing good.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday 's update

Shane looked really good today. The good news is that he will be taken off of the lung cleaning ventilator today. His lungs are clear and have sustained no major damage! He will remain on a lesser ventilator until he is good to breath on his own (Monday or Tues. hopefully). Thank you is not enough to say for all of the prayers, fasting and support that have come to us from so many of you.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Newest update for Shane

Shane had his first surgery this morning, to remove the damaged skin from his legs. He came thru with flying colors. Your prayers have been greatly appreciated. Thank you for all of the love and support that so many have shown. We are truly blessed!

Sara & kids

Shane's Update 4/18/08

FYI: Shane and two other friends were in a plane crash Thursday afternoon in New Mexico. Currently, all three people are in stable condition at Phoenix area hospitals. Due to the publicity surrounding this incident your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. As information is made available we will update you. Contacts can be made through Sara's siblings: Bruce/Carrie Mannes, 615-1514, Carla Mannes, 602-740-5959, Amy Mannes, 602-369-5395, or Jill Manwaring, 480-733-2591. We appreciate your understanding and concern in regards to this tragic accident and Sara's request for privacy.

April 18, 2008

Sara has been inundated with phone calls and visitors, which she greatly appreciates. However; she is requesting privacy for her family at this time. Cards and prayers will be greatly appreciated over the next month.

Please feel free to check the daily updates posted on Shane's progress.