Friday, June 20, 2008

Finally . . . an Outpatient

I was able to come home on Saturday the 14th after 58 days and nights in a hospital bed. I am home for good and made my goal to be home by Father's Day. Saturday, I watched Madison sing with MCC's musical theater group. She was wonderful. I was able to attend church with my family for Father's Day then we barbecued later that day. My kids said that this was their favorite Father's Day that they could remember. Mine too. It feels great to be home and to have all of us together. It has been a long road with many blessings along the way.

It has been a busy week with with many adjustments and I have a long recovery ahead. However,I truly enjoy sleeping in my own bed. I forgot how soft it was. I am adjusting to physical therapy as an outpatient. The kids are doing great. Jake is glad his Dad is home but asks when I have to go back to the hospital. Sara is doing great as my "charge nurse." I wold not be where I am without her and have been amazed by her strength.

I would like to thank all of you who have brought meals in, sent cards, visited, prayed and fasted for us. The outpouring of love for my family has been overwhelming and humbling. I have enjoyed hearing from so many of you and look forward to seeing you again.

Signing off...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

"There's no place like home"

Dorothy said it best.

This Thursday I was able to convince my doc (she is a pushover) of my need for another outing. I had dinner at home with my family. It was wonderful. Sara made one of my favorites, shrimp linguine. Madison has taken on the role of gardener this year and I had some garden ripened tomatoes too. They were delicious. Jessie's fabulous cinnamon and caramel rolls were dessert. I went to Jackson's baseball game that night. It was fun to watch them play and see family and friends. The boys did not play their best and finished second. They had a good season though.

Life in rehab has its ups and downs. I am grateful to go home in less than 2 weeks. I see people here in rehab that have been here 5 months. I could not do that. On a high note I am able to walk with a stick (some call it a cane) and was able to pedal an exercise bike. The stiffness and pain in my right knee had prevented this until Thursday.

I can't wait to be home. After my visit home Jake told Sara the next day that "I want Dad to live with us again." Those things make it easy to work hard in recovery.

Thanks for all your prayers, visits and comments on the blog.

More later


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Field Trip

Yesterday was a banner day. I was able to leave the hospital on a "pass". I ate dinner at home with my family. It felt good to be home even for an hour or two. I went to Jackson's baseball game at Gene Autry Field. We had a family and friend gathering at the field. Sara's brother, sisters, nieces, nephews and parents came to the game. It was awesome. It was great to see and smell the baseball field. Jackson's team won and the boys gave me a game ball signed by all of them. It was great to watch them play and see family and friends. I slept great last night. I made sure the docs knew that.

Jackson's team plays Thursday for the championship and I already got the green light to go. The doctors set a discharge date for June 18. It is three days past my goal of being home by Father's Day weekend but I will take it.

More later


Sunday, June 1, 2008

A note from Suite 102

Sorry for the delay from the last post. Time flies when your havin' fun in Rehab. Overall I am improving every day. Our goal is to be home by Father's Day weekend. My doctors did not agree or disagree with the date. They did say last week that it may be another 3-4 weeks. It will depend on how fast my legs heal and getting me more mobile. My legs look good but there are still a few open spots the grafts did not cover. The docs say that the open spots will fill in with my own skin. I feel stronger and am able to walk fairly well with a walker. My feet and calf muscles are still swollen and the docs changed my leg dressings to help alleviate the swelling. So far the swelling has not changed much. I am going to see if I can get a pass tomorrow to go to Jackson's baseball game. We will see. I look forward to being home soon. Thanks for all your visits, posts on the blog and prayers.

More later