Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween party pictures

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one of those weeks.....

I don't know where the week has gone. I havn't been able to find time to blog at all and frankly I am starting to have signs of withdrawl.....anxiousness, frustration and craving chocolate bite size candy bars. Oh, wait that could just be the signs of having to come up with halloween costumes for my kids in the 11th hour. But in all seriousness Maddy and I have a mother daughter dinner tonight that I have been running all over town for today, and we will be in costume. So I will post pictures of us later.
But onto older but still important Buntrock news. First, I need to take a moment for my two hunters that hunted so hard but still came up empty handed in Jackson's elk hunt. After 4 full hunting days and lots of hiking with no elk in site they came home and decided to call if quits. They will try again next year and Shane is still looking forward to his in late November. But isn't Jackson cute in camo?

Shane and I went to an Adult only Halloween Party that was hosted by Molly & Tim Decrow and Cami & Tyler Wright. It was a ton of fun!! All of the couples were in costume and they were funny and really good. Of course I would have to say that the McCain/Palin team won the political division hands down, though there were two other couples as the Presidential hoefulls I was the only one who used a wig. So that should be worth something.....Thanks to the hosts for all of their work for a spooktacular evening!! I hope you enjoy the pictures.
Happy Haunting

Monday, October 20, 2008

PR finale and elk

So we got everything put away from our Mexico trip and slowly started getting into our real lives now that our vacation was over. We had the usual school day routine Monday, tennis after school, FHE that night and moved on to Tuesday. Tuesday was much like Monday, in fact I really can't remember much of what happened on Tuesday(early Alzheimer's I'm sure). So Wednesday came and I started getting that feeling of looking forward to something.....Its the Project Runway Season 5 finale!!! I get that some of you may think of me differently now , but before you really pass judgment on me, know that this is the only real thing I watch on TV. Sad isn't it.
But it was fun watching it with some of the other Runway junkies that I know. We all were rooting for Kenley to get beat(she did) and after that we pretty much didn't care who won. The food and conversation was the real winner....thanks ladies!

Shane and Jackson left last Thursday morning to go hunt one of these, except with no horns. The hunters started hunting Friday am and saw nothing that even looked like an elk until they closed camp Sat. evening. But my hunters are not quitters, they went back out to hunt today and tomorrow. We at home base are keeping our fingers crossed that Jackson gets his elk and that I can find a home for all of the meat! But nonetheless, we are hoping that they have a great hunt and got to spend some real quality time together in the woods.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Puerto Penasco

Rocky Point was a great time!! I have been luke warm on the whole Mexico thing up to this point. Shane had been the one pushing this relationship on me. But, I have to say that I am having a change of heart for this place. We had some problems with our solar power and had electricity about half of the time. I will admit that I was not super happy about that at the time, but I find myself looking for another weekend to go back. And I am even thinking if I would drive down by myself for a weekend maybe with with some friends or with my kids. So I would have to say that I am officially hooked on Mexico....well Rocky Point that is.

One thing that made the trip so fun was traveling with my sister Amy and with Jessie. I hope they had as much fun with us as we had with them. I am sure that it will be a trip that they won't forget soon, but they did say that they would come back even without electricity.

Some highlights of the trip were... seeing a whale bone wash up on shore.....watching the Office(season 1&2) for the first time.....seeing amazing waves at the beach......and just having a great time with people that I love the most!

I thought I would save you from a dreadful amount of photos that some of you may not want to see of our trip, so my good friend Jessie showed me how to do this cool slide show.....thanks Jessie!! So enjoy the show

Monday, October 6, 2008

What a weekend

It was a busy weekend at our house with everything from a double header baseball game, General Conference, Shane's date night with Maddy, and the usual laundry, housecleaning and errands.

But truthfully, it was all about Haley and Homecoming. Saturday after the baseball games we ran to get the finishing touches for the dress. We just happened to get to the MAC counter at the right time and got an opening to get her make-up done.....whew!! Which made the rest of the afternoon not so stressful for all involved. But I think everything turned out beautifully! And most importantly Haley loved her dress, shoes, custom made headband(thanks Becky!), her corsage, her makeup, her pedicure and everything else that went into this day that I might have missed. We did get some great photo ops.... like with Dad, and with grandpa and grandma, but the photo of the night

was with Haley and her date Tate Webster. Tate used to live down the street from us until about two years ago when they moved. We have known Tate and his family for years, so it was really fun to see how they have grown up and are still friends. Haley said they had a really fun night from start to finish.

They are so cute!