Tuesday, December 15, 2009

30 second round up

Its been so long since my last post ( I need to do better in 2010). I am going to bring you up to speed in 30 seconds.
Jackson finished football
started basketball (love the 5:30am practices!)
Jake finished football
Maddy finished Joseph (she was wonderful!)
Haley went to Winter Formal
Haley and I went to New York City for our birthdays this month!
Did I say how fun it was?
It was great fun!!!
Our house was Christmastized and
just started my shopping today, 12/15/09.
Working on What's your Virtue (a little business we started) like crazy,
but loving every minute of it!!
Really enjoying my kids and husband!
Life is good,
I am so blessed!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

October flew by...

I have one word to describe the past 30 days.....BUSY! I am not complaining, just stating a fact.

We had Grandparents from South Dakota the last week of October and here is sampling of what they got to do while they were here. It started with a final 9th grade football game, then a final fall baseball game, a pee-wee flag football game and finally we got to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat all before we carved pumpkins and trick or treated!

Maddy did such a great job in Joseph. She had worked so hard since early September. The show itself was wonderful and the performers were great! Jackson had a great football season and only got to play two baseball games due to his finger injury. He received the "tough nut" award from the football coaches. Not surprised by that.

We have had two local sales events for this and the first month has been really busy. Go to the web site and check out all that is happening on our blog.

I am thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can't believe how fast this past 6 months have gone. It is hard to believe that this is Haley's last round of Holidays at home. Next year at this time she will be a college student coming home for the Holidays. That is just CRAZY!
Here is a picture of our Mexico group. We had a really fun time even with the two injuries we incurred. We are beach lovers, plain and simple!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What's your Virtue?

I would like to introduce you to six of my closest friends. I understand that they are lip glosses, but my partners and I have spent the last three years bringing these little ladies to the public.
They are smooth but not sticky, shiny but not alarming and most of all they are moisturizing beyond compare. The message that they convey is that we are all beautiful and that starts from within. Each one of us has virtues within us and this product line is just a reminder to be like the virtues found on these tubes.
You can purchase these on line here.

We do have a local show that we will be selling at this Saturday 10/24/09. The address of that show is 1809 E. Gary St. Mesa, AZ 85203. If you live in the Mesa area, this will be a great start to doing some holiday shopping. Everything in this sale is under $25 dollars! So don't be late!! For more information go here!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Homecoming and more

Another year has flown by, like they all do, when you are my age. But honestly, it seems like Haley and I were shopping for the perfect dress last year and now we have done it again. There was no stress (honestly) involved this year. I think she picked the 6th dress she tried on. The stress came from the earrings..... go figure. Her date was Dan Kindt. They had a nice time and he brought her home early. Shane was thrilled.
Jackson has had a great football season so far. He has scored 2 TD's, rushed for lots of yards, dislocated his finger (still played) and has an all around great experience. That is him holding the ball.
Jake is playing flag football which is super cute and Maddy is in her first stage production of Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. It opens Oct.28 and is at MCC's Theatre Outback. She is in the children's ensemble and has loved every minute of it. Pictures of these two will follow.

Life is Good!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Top Ten list

My top ten favorite things about our trip:
1. The weather. Anything beats 114 degrees
2. Picturesque views 24/7.
3. Seeing whales, seals, eagles and NO bears!
4. Having a balcony to sit outside and watch the ice burgs.
5. Playing cards, eating dinner, and touring Alaska with good friends.
6. Zipping through the trees 100 off the ground in Juneau.
7. Sleeping in
8. Spending time with Shane with no cell phones, clients or kids.
9. Hiking and then floating down a freezing river in Skagway.
10. Kayaking, catching a nasty fish and finding my boat, The Sara B.

I loved it and I would go back again. Here are some of my favorite photos from our trip.

Let's start planning the next trip!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time flys

I don't know where the time has gone, but since my last post we have survived Toro Football camp, girls camp, back to school shopping and Scout to name a few. Some of these items I listed have been easier than others to have survived.

It has been a long and short summer at the same time, if that is possible. It was short enough that we did not get a summer trip in. Which is the first time in a long time that we stayed home. But was long enough that everyone was ready to get back into school. This is a milestone year for each of us this year at our house.

Haley is a senior this year! We are very excited for her and kinda sad for us. Haley took two classes in summer school, to lessen her hourly load for her Senior year and to add to her GPA. She is a good student and is working hard at her academics even though she already announced to us that she has "senioritis" on the third day. She is busy trying to figure out what she will be doing next year as well as where she will be. It could be Utah, Idaho, California or even right here in Az. She is actively looking for a job for the year and a major for college. We love her and are very proud of her!!

Jackson is 14 and a freshman. Even though he is still in Jr. high (location), the grades count! He is a really good student and he is blossoming as a good athlete as well. Jackson decided to go out for football. His father is so proud and I am not so happy about it. He loves it and has not complained about any of the 6am summer practices, the weight training that followed or Toro Camp, otherwise known as hell week. He is loving seminary in school this year and is growing into a great young man. He is looking forward to an antelope hunt in Az and a pheasant hunt is SD later this fall. We love you!

Maddy is in 7th grade! I can't believe this. She is totally ready to be in Jr. high and has made a smooth transition so far even though some parts have been a little bumpy. Her schedule was totally changed on the 3rd day of school and then was changed back to her original schedule on the 6th day of school. Maddy hasn't even missed a beat and has taken the bobble in stride! We think Maddy might have a future in theater.....she is going to try out for a local musical. Keep your fingers crossed! We love you so much!

Jake started Kindergarten this year!!! He so far he loves it! He loves being the table captain because it means he is the boss of his table for the day. He has assured me that he is nice when he is the boss. I hope that is true! He loves being big like Jackson and the girls by going to school all day. He also is mister independent and wants to walk to and from his class by himself with no help he says, every morning. He is learning so much and is so proud of himself, which is great! Love you!!

Sara is home by herself everyday, now I don't want any of you to feel sorry for me, I will be just fine!! I know that some friends are worried that I will have too much free time and will not know how to best spend it. The kids think that I will be very lonely and will be depressed having so much free time to myself. Shane is worried that I will spend to much money going to lunch everyday with friends or shopping for the kids or the house. I think he would be ok with my spending if I told him I was going to The Bass Pro Shop.
In case there is any confusion, I am good, happy, excited, and ready for this next phase of my life.

Shane is having a much better 2009. In case you don't remember 2008 was a little bumpy for him and us. He has been to Alaska twice so far this year, both without me or the kids. He was bear hunting (got one) for a week and then he went to a funeral, but did get to experience Alaska when it is light at midnight. He also has an antelope hunt with Jackson and a trip to South Dakota on the books for this fall. He is very excited about taking Scout with to bird hunt with him this year. Hope she lives up to expectations! Love you!!

Scout is still very much a puppy in a big body. We are trying to break her before she breaks us. She has been swimming and chasing birds to get ready for pheasant, duck and whatever else they can find to hunt, hunt. We do love her, just not when she is digging in the garbage cans! But you have to admit, she is a cutie-patutie!!

Shane and I are celebrating 20 years of wedded bliss this month. We are doing an Alaska cruise. My first time in the area, his third! It should be a great time out of the heat! More on that later.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wicked good!

It is hard to believe that we are in the middle of summer vacation, six weeks done and six to go.  Haley finished summer school with straight A's, Jackson had a great week at EFY in Flagstaff,  Maddy was fabulous in musical theater, and Jake is working hard at becoming Michael Phelps.   He loves being big enough to ride 4 houses down the street, by himself , to swimming lessons.  

The girls and I went to see Wicked on it's opening night in Az.  We are huge fans and we were not disappointed.  We wanted to share this experience with the boys as well, but an All-Star baseball game got in the way.  But Jackson had a great game and they won 13-3.  Which means they have another game this week.  Way to go boys!!  But we are "wicked" through and through!!

One final news flash.... Jake learned to ride his bike without training wheels!  Pictures to follow later.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nothing but a bear

I can't believe that it has been two months since my last post, my bad. I guess blogging just hasn't been my main focus as of late. It seems like the last two months have gone super fast and super slow are the same time. I know that is impossible, but that is the best way to explain.

Shane has been gone alot, for work and for sheer pleasure (he must have a good wife). I had the task of being a single parent for almost three weeks starting with his trip to Alaska for bear hunting and some fishing and ending with a second trip to Detroit for business. Some of us in the house have said in the past,"When Shane goes hunting, he brings back nothing".
That was what I was hopping for, but here is what I got....
Shane has promised a bear skin rug and not the full body mount.   We have had a standing rule of no animals in the house except domesticated animals of course.  After 20 years of marriage (we had our anniversary o5-27) I gave in, but with strong conditions.  So I am starting to gather ideas for a new bedroom addition or a new addition in front of our fireplace.  If you have ideas please advise.

So I did say that we had an anniversary but we aren't celebrating until later in the summer.  But Shane was gone for it.....Young mens encampment (boys camp).  That led into my second week of single motherhood.  But Jackson had a great time and Shane was in charge of the shooting range (go figure), so he was in heaven.  We girls and Jake got really used to a quiet house but we did come to miss them both.  After a last quickie trip to Detroit, I officially handed the kids over to Shane for 3 hours of AT (alone time).  I asked for two weeks but I took what I could get.

We are now flying thru summer at super sonic speed.  Summer school, musical theater, swim lessons, jump start Jr. High, football practice, baseball hitting practice, weight training and All Star baseball practice and games and EFY.  I am exhausted.  I need to go lay down after I put gas in my car.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


April 17, 2008, I found myself on the way to the hospital to find out what happened to Shane. I had just been told of the plane crash but had very few details.

I have been taken back at times to the images of peoples faces upon hearing the news, of telling my kids what happened to their dad and the uncertainty of so much. I remember many of the sounds of the hospital, some I hope to never hear again. I think of the feelings I had of being truly overwhelmed at every front..... being a mom to our 4 kids, being there for my best friend who needed me and honestly the worst was having to take care of the bills. Who really likes to do that? But also trying to imagine how our lives were going to change from that day forward.

We have seen changes over the past year, but I can't say they have all been bad. I have learned the importance of letting things go, meaning that I spent way to much time worrying about things that honestly didn't matter. It feels as if we (immediate family) like each other better and really like hanging out with one another. Trust me this is not perfect but I have liked the marked improvements. Plus Shane gained a few more mother hens to watch over him and make sure that there is not to much risk taking by him. Which I am sure he doesn't totally appreciate.

I remember having incredible support at every single turn! So many people, so much food and so many prayers in Shane's (our) behalf. I felt every one. They carried me from that first day forward. So much service was given, I can't say thank you enough! Many blessings/miracles came our way for which I am eternally grateful to my Father in Heaven.

This also marks a year anniversary of blogging. I can't believe that I have kept this up for a year!!!! I just gave myself a pat on the back..... I am not a great writer, but I am trying to improve. It has been therapeutic to re-read all that has happened to us this past year. We spent our anniversary day celebrating life and it was a great day. Let's see what the second year brings us, shall we?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our March madness

I am amazed at how fast the past month has gone.  We hosted the dinner for Sadie's in our back yard.  We spent weeks getting ready for this two hour event.  I wish I wasn't such a procrastinator!  But the kids had a great time and we got some things done around the house.  So it was a win, win for all involved.

Jackson turned 14 on March 6th.  He shares his birthday with my mom.  We had the family over for treats.  So we started a new family tradition, cinnamon rolls instead of cake.  Thanks to Jessie!  But honestly, they are the best rolls on this earth and everyone loves them so they are a real treat.  I don't think there was one roll left.  It is amazing to me that my son will be leaving on his mission (for the church) in 5 years!  I can't believe how fast he has grown up.  He is a great young man. 

  We then got ready for Shane's parents to come and visit for a week.  They came to Mexico with us for spring break.  We had a great time and the beach is alway one of our favorite places to spend time together.  I will post pictures in a slideshow of our past adventures.  

Life is good, I am blessed.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

family time

It is hard to believe that we have been back from vacation for almost a week.  I guess it is time for me to finish unpacking today.  But before I do take care of that task, I thought I would post a few pictures from our Disneyland get away.  I think we ruined Jake's idea of fun rides when we started off at Space Mountain.   As a family, we decided not to split up any more than we needed to, so Jake went on the ride, as he is tall enough.  He was a good sport, but after that ride he asked if every ride was super fast, super scary or super dark.   

But other fears were conquered this trip..... everyone (but Jake) did Screamin at California Adventure and we got Jake to go on Grizzly River even after he was terrified after Splash Mountain.  So our two days at Disney ended on a high note.  But the just of the hole trip was for each of us to remember that our family is awesome and that we can have fun together.  It was almost magical......

Saturday, February 21, 2009

happiest place on earth, besides our home.

We are going here,

to do this,


and this!


Don't be jealous, just wish us well.  A special thanks to all those who make this trip possible!  Thanks for keeping an eye on the girls (genna & scout).  xoxox

Monday, February 9, 2009


I guess that I really don't have much to post about family wise other than my mom is doing really good and has been super chatty the past couple of visits.  I have learned many things about her that I didn't know.  I feel so blessed to be able to visit with her sometimes late into the night.  I do miss her thought provoking visits around my kitchen table, the talks over folding clothes and some of my favorite conversations were as walked at the mall.  But I still enjoy listening to her voice as she talks about her youth.  I know that it sounds crazy, but I do miss my mom!

But I don't want to feel sorry for myself today so I thought I would just mention some of the blessings in my life......My husband, Haley, Jackson, Maddy,  Jake and Jessie.  My family.  The roof over my head, food to feed my family and clothes (to many for most) for one and all.  My friends...I have great friends!  My health and the health of my family.   Shane's job.  Living in a safe neighborhood.  My faith.  My Savior. Scout and Jenna.  Miracles.  Living in a free land and having a great life!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Another dance has come and gone.  We were able to pull this one off in just two weeks with very little stress for those who were involved.  I am not going to lie....Haley's dress was beautiful on her though the pictures don't quite do it justice.  She looked so grown up.  The old Hollywood glamour look worked for her.   She loved it.     She had a great time and of course they are already working on Sadie's (another girl ask boy) and Haley has decided that she really needs a job!

As for our house we were a house divided.  Half cheered or the Cardinals and the other half new the Cards would get beat.  I am sorry to report that half of us were right.  I know that some of you real Card fans will be dissapointed with this post, but we knew the inevitable was going to happen.  But it really was a good game and truly the Card's have nothing to be ashamed of, they played a good game.

I also have great news to announce....Scout is house broken!!!!   
Need I say more.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Super Scout, super dress and super fast month

Wow, has this month gone by fast.  I am not sure really why or what I have been doing other than house braking Scout, working on the winter formal check list.....my only thing to do is to write a check for everything on the list.  Haley was a hold out until a week ago when she decided to ask someone.  So we went into a dress frenzy to find that "perfect" dress and we hit the jackpot on the second day.  At first glance I thought we would get out of this pretty resonably, so keep your fingers crossed for me.

As for Scout, she, I thought was really close to being house broken this past week, but the last two days have been the worst so far.  I hope I can remain patient and not move her out of the house.  But Jake can't get enough of her.  He is still able to carry her, so to her sometimes dislike, he carries her everywhere.  He sleeps with her, drives her in his truck, plays tug of war with her and just won't give her a minutes peace.  But all the kids love her and want to hold and cuddle with her.

Jackson also had his first experience being in a club baseball tournament.  It was out at Big League Dreams, which is really cool but really expensive, like a real big league game.  Overall, he had a great time though his team lost both games Saturday and didn't advance in the tournament. Sorry the picture is fuzzy, no flash aloud.   He also started his basketball season as well last Saturday and lets just say they got off to a rough start.  I am sure that I will have more highlights later in the season.  
The other major thing going on in our house is all of the talk of Jr. High registration.  Madison can't wait to get into Jr. high and that is all she talks about.  Jackson assures her that it is really no big deal, but nonetheless her enthusiasm is not waining.

Friday, January 16, 2009

construction zone

I thought today would be a great day to revamp my blog, so I started moving, then deleting and then before I knew it, my blog was mostly bare.  So I started looking for replacement parts.  I looked and looked and looked.  And as you can tell I found nothing.  I spent way to much time on this today and my blog is still bare!  So I do appologize for the nakedness but until I find some cute things to add, she is what she is.  So if any of you readers have any cute fixin's for my blog please advise.

Monday, January 5, 2009

What a year old and new

I have been contemplating the year past and thinking of what lies ahead for 2009.  I really do wish I had a crystal ball for this year to come, but I am content to look ahead and not look back.  Not going to lie, 2008 was a hard year, at best.  With Shane's accident, my mom's health issues, family issues and business issues, I guess one could say that I have plenty of issues!!   So the best advice I have given myself is to take one issue at a time and not to stress over the many things that I have no control over.   Let's see if I take my own advice...
 I do know that I would  have had the strength to deal with all that stuff without a few people....My Savior, my family, my friends, my faith, and my ward family.  Thank you one and all, you make me a better person!  Our family motto for this coming year is "It will be fine in 2009" and I truly hope that our trials will be a little less this year.

 We continued our New Years Day tradition of a crab leg feast.  This is the third year that we have done this and I have to say this was the most fun yet.  We decided  to carry on the tradition another year and to add personalized bibs and a mallet for all that dine.   The food was tremendous and let's just say there was lots of it. 
 can't believe that we ate 14 lbs of crab....it wasn't just me, but there were 13 others.  
 to top the night off , Jackson and cousins even did the dishes.  I am truly loved!!!   

But I would have to say that for the kids the most exciting part of the new year was being able to pick up our newest family member.  Scout came home Jan. 3rd and 
 just say that the kids have been home more than I expected.  She is a German Shorthair Pointer and is 7 weeks old.  Scout is actually a Christmas gift for Shane.  We thought with the year he had, there was no need to continue putting it off for the right time.  We thought the right time was now.... although, I have forgotten the sleepless nights and potty training.  She will be a great addition to our family and will be a great hunting companion for Shane, Jackson and someday Jake.
And lets face it, the photo ops will be great.  So we have joined the ranks of being an owner of dogs not a dog.  So hopefully Jenna will play nice with Scout.  But Jake says, "she is the cutest darn thing, even though she bites sometimes".