Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my new best friend!

I have to take a minute and introduce you to my new best friend,
Shaklee Scour Off.
I used this stuff to clean my fryer that I thought was beyond gross
(no judging please).
But this scour paste ate thru the nastiest grease on the outside and the inside.
I spent about 15 minutes on this job..... Love this stuff!!!

This is the before shot of the outside of my fryer and the
after is above with Scour Off in the picture.

This is the inside of my fryer
( judging please)
Look!! This is what I did in 15 min!!
We made homemade eggrolls that night
and I couldn't believe how much better they tasted
with a super clean fryer.
Plus this product is totally green and I love this stuff!!
I am sorry to keep saying that, but I can't help it

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